cluster (plural: clusters)

  1. Small group or bunch of something
  2. Astronomy A group of galaxies or stars that appear near each other
  3. Music A chord of three or more notes
  4. Phonetics Group of consonants
  5. Computing A group of computers that work together
  6. Military Set of bombs or mines
  7. Statistics A significant subset within a population
  8. Army A small metal design that indicates that a medal has been awarded to the same person before

7 letters in word "cluster": C E L R S T U.

Anagrams of cluster:

Words found within cluster:

cel cels celt celts cert certs clue clues crest cru cruel cruels cruet cruets crus cruse cruset crust cue cues culet culets cult culter cults cur cure cures curet curets curl curls curs curse curst curt cut cute cuter cutes cutler cuts ecru ecrus ecu ecus el els elt elts er ers erst eruct eructs es est et lect lects les lest let lets leu luce luces lucre lucres lues lur lure lures lurs lust luster lustre lute luter luters lutes re rec recs rectus recut recuts reluct res rest result ret rets ruc rucs rue rues rule rules ruse rust rustle rut ruts scul scur scut scute sec sect sel ser set slue slur slut st sture sucre sue suer suet sur sure sutler te tel tels tes tres truce truces true trues tule tules ulcer ulcers ule ules ulster ur ure ures us use user ut ute utes uts

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